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Wasted potential

Thats how I can best describe the film.

Inspite of an impressive cast, the director did not know what to do with them. Kay Kay and Sonali Kulkarni are hopeless miscast. Two 35+ actors trying to play a 20s something cootchie-cooing honeymoon couple is just gross. Kay Kay especially looks old while Sonali is quite screechy.

However the director salvages the movie somewhat in the second half inspite of some more bad acting and characterization. Sandhya Mridul is hopelessly stereotyped and cliched while the ad film director guy Proshant is just hopeless at acting - he just comes across as completely fake and the dinner-table/party conversation does not feel believable AT ALL.

However the interpretation of the story by all the people present at the party does raise the game and we are immersed in the game of guessing as to which one of them is the true version. Its the technique which was recently seen in Vantage Point and by many others in the past, including the great Rashomon.

So even with its failings, it could have been an interesting movie had the director not tried to be too clever. Instead of just leaving the viewer at the various interpretations, the director tried to introduce a couple of twists at the end and just leaves more than a few questions unanswered. The feeling I got from the people around me as I walked out of the cinema was "WTF, what kind of ending is that? So why/how did so-and-so ...."

PS - While I like to think that the director was playing around, deliberately confusing us, some of my friends are less forgiving and think he is an ass who didnt know what he was doing :)

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Live Free or Die Hard

Actually watched the movie sometime back when it was released - but got around to the ratings now. Well, what do you say about John Mclane :) - if you are a Die Hard fan, its a must watch. If you havent seen any Die Hard movie before, then welcome to the world of Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker:) !!!

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A very interesting take on life in Iran through the revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. Someone like Khalid Hosseini would have turned it into a sad tearjerker. But the director shows a remarkable optimism in life and it reflects in the movie - focussing on how people fight to make life more happy than what circumstances allow ....

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In Bruges

Terrific movie - the Brit accent is just too good :) Manages to make you smile - even if some scenes are a bit gory. But the chemistry between characters is great - especially farell's fixation with midgets and the racist midget - their interaction is just hilarious. The closing comments by Farell just take the cake ...

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I had always really enjoyed the movies, but with studies and all, it was restricted to whatever ran on TV. Till I came to Bombay, where I found friends who shared the passion - and a multiplex next to office. Soon a movie every Friday became a habit, and very soon even three movies in a weekend wasnt that rare. So after two years in Bombay, I thought it might be a good idea to pen down my thoughts about them, before I forget all about it. And so was born the experiment ...

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