Road, Movie

Never thought I would do this to an Abhay Deol movie – but what the fuck is Road, Movie ?? Unintelligible grammar in the name aside, Road, Movie is one of those terrible art movies that don’t have make any friggin sense whichever way you look at it ! This movie actually gives ‘film festival’ movies a bad name. Because of it, people are going to be wary of the next ‘film festival’ movie that comes along – and movies like the fabulous Road to Sangam will suffer.
(But just to show that I will not be cowed down :) , I will try this weekend’s other ‘film festival’ release Thanks Maa)

The only other thing you will come out of the movie apart from a ‘wtf’ face, is the stark beauty of Kutch landscape. While the Rajasthan landscape has sand dunes etc, nothing impacts you like scene of white land stretching off to the horizon in all directions. The movie has added Kutch to my list of places-to-visit-soon.

The movie itself is difficult to categorize. It IS a road movie, in the sense that the movie is about a trip that the protagonists undertake, but to what end no one knows. Is it a movie about the water bandits in the desert instead ? Or is it about coming-of-age of the main character Vishnu ?

But all these questions will feel meaningless after you see the showdown sequence between Abhay Deol and the water bandits. Till now I am scratching my head about how to interpret the scene. The village fair in Kutch gives you warnings that things are not going to be linear from now on, but after this scene, there really isn’t anything to say in favour of the movie. Even the dependable Abhay Deol hasn’t given his best to the movie – he has just one grimace expression for most of the movie. The child artist Mohammed Faisal does well though and the other two performances are reasonable.

The moronic screenplay makes any acting heroics of the lead characters irrelevant (not that there were any) and that’s where I want to end this review. Avoid this movie at all costs – don’t watch it even on TV. The rating is solely because of the nice visuals in the movie.

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