Final Destination

During a particularly scary moment while driving - when you lose control for a moment or you come really close to crashing - does your mind momentarily conjure up a picture of you all smashed up, limbs bent our of shape etc ? It happens to me for sure and after watching this movie, I am just going to imagine even more vividly :) !!

Coz the fourth iteration of the Final Destination franchise takes pleasure in detailing exactly how you die when, say, a 14 tonne truck smashes into you. Or you get sucked into a malfunctioning escalator, for example. Does your spine break first, or your neck or your limbs … the director very helpfully explains all those things in a x-ray type video. And you get to watch it in 3D, so that you can experience the finer nuances.

Ok, I am being too critical – but this was just to warn off the more squeamish ones – this movie is not for you.

But if you enjoy this sort of thing, then you wouldn’t mind finding out just how many creative ways can you kill a person ! And most of the deaths are innovative but for an overuse of petrol/inflammable substances – a little more variety would have been cooler. In that respect, Final Destination 1 had the coolest sequences and I don’t remember it involving gasoline in a big way.

The director David R. Ellis doesn’t bother putting any energy into modifying the script – a group of people survive a catastrophe because one of them has a premonition about it. Then death goes around visiting each of the survivors, finishing the job in as creative a way as possible. That’s it, story done. The characters themselves are caricaturish – the boorish stud-boy, the freaky girl, the black security guard, the soccer mom, the racist red-neck – and suit their parts just fine.

Overall, a good timepass movie – which will wow you with some of the sequences, and maybe surprise a little at the end. My own view about the movie was definitely altered because of the climax. Just make sure you watch it in 3D – just makes the whole experience really awesome. (Its playing in 3D at Fun Cinemas in Andheri)

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