The Ugly Truth

Do you want to know The Ugly Truth ?
Push-up bras can work wonders !! Ok that’s not what the movie is about, but you do have to marvel at the results they produce …

The Ugly Truth is not too far off though – it’s a risqué comedy about the battle of sexes – with enough sexist humor for you to wonder why it didn’t have an ‘A’ rating. But then it is also supremely entertaining movie for it. Gerard Butler shows he has great comic timing in him apart from his uber-manly persona and Katherine Heigl is damn good as an anally-retentive control freak.

Abby (Katherine) just cant stand the sight of Mike (Gerard), who’s been signed up to boost the ratings of her morning show. Mike’s segment is titled The Ugly Truth where he cynically analyzes relationship dynamics between men and women – and Abby sees herself going to ‘broadcasting hell’ because of him. However, Butler bets Abby that he can help her get her man of her dreams – her new neighbour – if she does exactly what he says.

And I really shouldn’t have to tell you what happens next. Slightly predictable, but with great performances, and some very raunchy laughs. Just watch out for the dinner scene with the panties. The movie is your regular sweet romantic comedy with a slightly tangy coating – good for a change - and equally enjoyable for both sexes. So all the boyfriends/husbands – you wont be bored when you accompany your partner to this movie. And girls you dig romantic comedies like these anyway, right ??

3 star

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